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An integer is a whole number, untainted and untouched. As your capital should be.



We are an investment company. Our investment approach is driven by a combination of rigorous fundamental research and advanced quantitative analysis. To identify the very best investment ideas, we rely on extensive research and, where possible, on in depth interviews with company executives. We apply the highest academic standards in our investments. We invest across asset classes to deliver the best possible risk-adjusted investment results for our partners. Although we diversify our exposure, we believe that the best way to reduce risk is to thoroughly assess each investment with top notch research. Our portfolio is generally composed of no more than 10-15 companies.


Our investment strategy can be classified as growth at a reasonable price (GARP). We are looking for companies that have a sustainable competitive advantage, a shareholder-friendly management, a robust return on equity, a safe balance sheet, and, of course, that can be acquired at the right price. We also consider special situations, where we think that the company is undervalued. However, we avoid significant turnarounds. 

We invest in solid businesses, priced attractively and that can offer robust risk-adjusted returns. Regardless of the type of investment, we always conduct extensive research and invest alongside our partners. We share risks as much as rewards.

U.S. and European equities


U.S. and E.U. equities represent the majority of our liquid assets. We tend to invest in companies with at least a $1B market cap.


Real Estate

We invest and manage European real estate. We focus on the UK (London), and Italy. We also invest in listed REITs.


We do not trade options for speculative reasons. However, we usually incorporate options into our investments to protect the capital or to receive income. Our options' trades are cash covered.


Our focus is on equities and real estate but, in particular situations, we take positions in currencies.



Security is a top priority for us. It is for this reason that we employ the latest technology and security standards. Our accounts are managed through Interactive Brokers LLC. This allows us to provide secure access to  one of the best trading platforms and asset management systems in the industry. 

Our partners' capital is segregated in special bank or custody accounts, which are designated for the exclusive benefit of our partners. This protection is a core principle of securities brokerage. This ensures asset separation between Integer and its partners.

At Integer Investments, we understand that confidentiality and security of personal information is important. That is why we have developed specific policies and practices to protect the privacy of the personal information provided by our partners. We safeguard the confidentiality of your information in a number of ways. For example, we do not sell or license lists of our customers or the personal, nonpublic information that you provide to us. We also take substantial precautions to safeguard your personal, non-public information. 


Cristiano Bellavitis, Ph.D.


Cristiano has extensive experience in proprietary trading and more than ten years of experience in equity and forex investing. His academic research in finance and entrepreneurship has been presented in more than twenty conferences around the world. He currently lectures at Auckland Business School, University of Auckland. Previously he taught finance and entrepreneurship in five countries across three continents. He has worked in venture capital and corporate finance and obtained his Ph.D. in entrepreneurship and finance from Cass Business School, City, University of London and his MBA from the University of Rome Tor Vergata.

Jesse Medcalf

Jesse is a fourth year Law and Arts student at the University of Auckland, studying towards majors in Economics and Philosophy. He has a range of experience in law, data analysis, policy and marketing. For Integer Investments, he performs fundamental analysis on U.S./European equities and provides strategic investment advice supported by valuation models and a specific focus on policy implications. 

Daniele Polencic

Daniele is a technologist, a mentor and an entrepreneur based in London. He has more than ten years of experience in engineering and software architecture. Over the years he has helped financial services' firms such as MergerMarket, Barclays and Paysafe to write better software. Daniele also has advised the UK government on how to effectively scale development efforts in the public sector. Daniele obtained a BSc in management and engineering from the University of Udine and a MSc in computing and engineering from Kingston University.

Adriano Milani

Adriano is an experienced analyst with a background in project finance and derivatives. He previously worked at the European Central Bank and at State Street Bank. He obtained a MSc in Economics and Finance from the University of Rome Tor Vergata, and certificates in investment valuation from Columbia Business School and NYU Stern School of Business. 

For Integer Investments, he performs fundamental analysis on U.S./European equities and provides strategic investment advice supported by valuation models.

Luka Sterling

Luka is a rounded analyst bringing his diversity of experience to bear in his critical examination of investment opportunities. He has private sector and public-funded experience in investment consulting and economic research. He is particularly interested in recovery and turnaround stocks with a focus on media and consumer goods. For Integer Investments, he performs fundamental analysis on U.S./European equities, provides strategic investment advice, and conducts quantitative analysis.

Jim Huang

Jim is a final year Commerce and Science student at the University of Auckland. He is studying towards majors in  Computer Science, Statistics, Accounting and Finance (Hons). He previously worked for the Wealth and Operations department at ASB and is also a developer on the Windows Store. For Integer Investments, he provides both qualitative and quantitive analysis on U.S and European equities. He also assists in developing quantitive trading models.




The Role 

As an Equity Analyst, you will perform fundamental analysis, write research reports, and determine fair values on a select group of stocks. We have an immediate need for an analyst to start as an intern in our Auckland office but we can consider an off-site collaboration for the right candidate.



Research, analyze, and estimate fair values for selected stocks.

Write company- and sector-specific research reports that incorporate creative insights and identify investment opportunities for our clients.

Perform in-depth analyses of the economic moats of the companies on your coverage list, incorporating qualitative and quantitative factors.

Identify promising stocks for investment.

Contact potential investors and conduct marketing activities.



Your application package should include your resume and a stock recommendation in which you pick a U.S. listed company you would invest in (motivate your answer).

A minimum 3rd year student pursuing a degree in finance or related topics is required; additional qualifications such as a CFA/CPA are an advantage.

Some experience analyzing listed companies is strongly preferred.

Excellent written communication skills, including an ability to speak comfortably with company managers and institutional investors.


We offer a compensation package based on performance.

Send us your CV and stock recommendation to


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